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PEET IT Consultancy B.V.

PEET IT Consultancy BV is a vendor independant professional services company, specialising in providing purely storage related consultancy and support.

As Storage environments become increasingly complex, and continue to experience explosive growth in the amount of data being stored, finding the right staff, at the right time, with the scope of skills required is a constant challenge for IT managers, if not an impossible one. But PEET IT Consultancy could have the answer ...

Our areas of expertise include design, implementation and administration of SAN, NAS, and backup networks and infrastructures, and being based in the Netherlands, we are ideally located to offer a Europe-wide services that enable businesses to manage their Storage provision to large, business-critical IT systems.

With our range of skills and experience, we can offer a wide range of professional services, enabling our customers to increase the productivity and cost efficiency of their storage environments.

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