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Services provided By PEET IT Consultancy

PEET IT consultancy offer a full range of consultancy and support services, from evaluations of existing environments, to implementation planning and execution, through to ongoing operational support and management.

Analyse -- Design -- Implement -- Manage


We can provide an analysis of your current SAN / NAS environment, or an evaluation of the best solution currently available that would meet your needs.


Storage infrastructure design is the foundation of efficient IT data management. Scalability, redundancy, flexability, data availability, replication and recovery must all be considered at this stage.


Do you have the required skills, additional manpower and time to perform this task ?

Who will ensure the vendor delivers the solution best for you ... on time, and to your project specifications ?

Who will provide you an independant review of your new storage environment ?


Which of the many SAN and storage management products on the market best suits your particular needs ?

Ongoing operational management, with or without the management tools, takes man hours. Can your current staff cope as storage quantities continue to grow ?

Our Guarantee

As a Specialist Supplier, we guarantee the quality of the specialist assigned to the assignment. In the unlikely event that work is not to the agreed, required standard, we remove the specialist at no further cost and use our best endeavours to identify a substitute as a matter of utmost priority. Should any other unforeseen circumstance arise where the specialist is no longer able to continue the assignment then PEET IT Consultancy will make its best endeavours to provide a replacement in order to provide business continuity.

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